Sunday, April 1, 2012

Risks Of Animal To Human Viral Transmission Reduced. Invention Automatically Cleans Animal Feet Before Approaching Humans.

Barriers Are Needed To Stop Animal To Human Virus Mutations. Important To Clean Debris And Feces On Animal Feet, Before They Approach People. Animal Wastes Reaching Humans Can Create Not Only Viral Illness, But Also Viral Mutations.

Goal Is To Reduce Animal Wastes Reaching Humans. This Applies To All Settings: 

• Farm animals entering homes in many countries.
• Dogs and cats tracking waste from chickens and wild animals into the home. Can even infect toddlers who don't clean their hands after being contaminated.
• Transporting farm animals for slaughter.
• Different animal species meeting other species.
• Separating sick animals from humans and other animals.
• Protecting wild life from domesticated animal diseases. Reduce the risk of viral transmissions and mutations between different animals, which might wipe out large numbers of animals including live stock.
Virus Barrier Door ™Has 100+ Applications In Many Patent Filings

One Example Is The Pet Virus Barrier System For Pets Tracking Dirt Into Houses Below

Invention Reduces Pet Dirt Tracked Into Homes. Automatically Cleans Dirty Pet Paws Without Pet Knowing.

Pet Door Designed For Consumers In Mind:

Pet’s simply want permitted entry. Pet’s learned over the centuries that permitted entry often requires waiting by the access point. From the pet’s simple view, Genie Pet Door & Paw Cleaner is simply some access. Genie Pet Door & Paw Cleaner allows entry and exit. Genie Pet Door & Paw Cleaner is “the” way in and out. Though humans know Genie Pet Door & Paw Cleaner can be viewed as the permitted entry or timed door opening invention, it’s simply access for the cat or dog.

Invention Reduces Farm Animal Germ Mutation: Genie Pet Door & Paw Cleaner uses Innovation Institute’s SARS prevention technology. License hygiene barrier patent rights for chicken and pig farm germ mutation reduction thru less fece tracked into homes electronics.

Free patent rights to this invention are possible to the right company wanting to reduce germ mutations through indirect means.

Motion sensors require the pet move a programmable time period. Pets just view this as waiting for access. An optional beep can alert the owner before access activates. Genie Pet Door & Paw Cleaner technology spans access for hygiene barrier; and permitted entry for chicken and pig farm germ mutation reduction thru less feces tracked into homes; thru how SARS prevention uses timed door opening electronics.

The Genie Pet Door & Paw Cleaner’s access systems creatively teach pets access.  Pet permitted entry is simply attained the old fashioned way. Advanced timed door opening technology can be simply viewed by pets as “just wait for timed door opening”. 

Now owners can leave Genie Pet Door & Paw Cleaner’s permitted entry functions activatable during inclement weather, resulting in less mud tracked inside upon permitted entry.

Genie Pet Door & Paw Cleaner’s learning curve teaches pets to wait longer for permitted entry.  Longer pet waiting times for entry might result in the pet frantically hoping for access.  The more pet movement on the permitted entry mat, the cleaner the paws get. At first there’s no waiting time for permitted entry, then access waiting time increases in future weeks.

Reduce Viral Hazards With The Virus Barrier Door ™.  Free Intellectual Property Rights Can Be Made Available. Call Innovation Institute +1 707 428-5000

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