Sunday, March 17, 2013

Free Inventions & Training Offered To Good California Companies

Free Inventions Used To Help Good Causes

Free Patent Rights Available For: Inventions Made For Good Causes Or Manufactured Locally In Or Near Solano County.

Free Inventions Used To Help Good Causes:

Learn How To Make A Better World By Giving Away Needed Technology: Help by innovating our suffering planet.

Over 20,000 Inventions Available From The Inventing Machine ™:
• Cell phone technology dealing with poor connections.
• Cost effective office solutions. Adaptive office space rental solutions.
• Protecting against virus mutations.
• Helping Youth: helping kids tackle addiction to video games. Invention teaches more interesting new life skills.
• Catching criminals.  See
• Home health inventions and more technology is available for innovating our suffering planet.

Why Write Blank Checks To Charities? 
• Better, let the free technology license do your work. Stronger impacts for innovating our suffering planet are possible. Let people know they can make a bigger difference by not donating cash – but instead join us in giving free patent rights to get needed innovations out in the world.
• Research tips about electronic patent rights

Patenting rights gives the NGO or other organization commercializing our inventions exclusive rights for innovating our suffering planet.  Special rights protect the investment made the investor in our technology they license. This IP (intellectual property) protection is the needed inducement for the forward thinking IP organization to invest in the electronic technology IP. There are more details and keep in mind that NothingIsWarranted.Com

Learn More About The  Free Inventions & Training Offered To Good California Companies. Details on for innovating our suffering planet

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